Friday, October 29, 2010



My professor in religion said it once.
It's true.

Life has been very unfair for me and probably for a lot of people too--or maybe for everyone. That's the way it is. you live. you die.

There are people who have so much while the others are poorer than the rats. At least rats have holes--shelter when it rains. People on the streets are like blankets, they cover the pavement. How can some have so much while the bigger some have nothing? 

Why are there people who are better loved than those who seek for love the most? She has long jet-black hair while mine is frizzier than my mom's kitchen broom. She's tall and I'm a shorty. She's rich and I don't even have my own room. She's famous and I only have my best friend and my mom to cheer me up. I know myself well but it feels like it will be a lot better if I can be in her shoes. I wonder if mine will fit in, I don't have sexy toes.


If you think like this.. I'm telling you, you'll never be happy for the rest of your life.
Because you base your happiness on what the other person  has or has not, not on how pretty your penmanship is like or how skillful you chop tomatoes.

Being happy is not about not being able to act on stage while someone is adored for being so talented. It's clearly about looking at yourself in the mirror, flashing a winning smile and being happy just the way you are.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


God made a paradise for His people. He made sure that things are going perfect for us, because He indeed is a perfect God. But are we perfect people? No, we’re not, the reason why this place which was once a peaceful paradise is now a land of thieves, murderers, rapists, illegal loggers, corrupts, terrorists, cheaters, gamblers, drunkards, drug addicts and a kind of everything all rolled into one. How can this be happening?

To what my memory can still take me, I can clearly remember that these things I’ve just written are not included in God’s true, good and beautiful creation. We most probably are excellent actors to come up with such sort of personalities. Unfortunately, we are not stage actors, we are real-life human beings and that makes it horribly disappointing. My heart aches whenever I see children walking bare-footed and worse old people walking on the scorching pavements. I wonder how would it feel seeing my grandparents in the same situation, I guess I’ll shed tears. But my tears can’t give them shoes to wear. My sympathy alone can’t give people homes to end their cold, sleepless nights. My intrapersonal shouting of opinions can’t stop corrupt politicians from stealing on the nation’s money bank. I have to do something. I have to do a moving change. Not just through words but through my actions. It’s easy to say but how can someone like me make a change for a world so huge? I have to speak up. Start with myself and my small community. I have to stand up and make myself heard through writing and inspiring people to do the same. Doing something new everyday and showing people that there are a lot of wonderful things left undiscovered. We can speak out through anything; journals, school speeches, debates, plays, slogans, posters, etc. These are the least things we can do as young people. And when we’re grown-ups we can do greater things, maybe TV broadcasting, online preaching, just simply applying what we’ve learned from years of studying. 
 Stick to what is real—to what the world needs the most, because we’ve had enough of broken promises. That’s why Dalai Lama says “Be the change you long to see in the world” because no matter what you tell them to do they will always look at ‘where you are’ to guide them.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

When Aira misses Papa

I can't remember even a single day

When I should have said the words--these words I can't say
Never in my life I've dared to stare at you
And realize the fact that you are someone to look up to

I've grown to a lady without you seeing it
Coz you've been working hard to make everything else fit
Though I've grown bigger and wiser than before

You will always be better, the best forevermore.


The world is full of assorted lies
It's hard to know who are faking smiles
You'll never know it until you were broken
By hurtful words, you were hardly beaten

They roam the world in deceiving masks
May come single or in arrogant packs
You have to make sure on who you're gonna trust
Analyse deeply and cautiousness is a must

And once you've figured out the truth from within
Never cross your boundaries and learn from other's sin
Revenge will never be the answer to someone's fault
Do your own thing let them do what they have to fold.

Loss is something real. And the pain.

I was crying last night 'cause I'm missing you
Nobody knows how much it's true
The pictures keep on flashing back
But all I can do is stare in shock

Tomorrow seems so far away
Just as far as the sun sets down at bay
The whole world turns, don't know the end
The mourning strikes I've lost a friend

How come you've gone in just a flash
A precious life stolen by a crash
You left us hanging on the oblivious truth
You left this world where you set foot

It's really hard to say goodbye
'Cause all you've left were painted smiles
We would've built more memories
We would've chased more leaves at breeze

This is what I do when I'm missing you 
I write it down, make rhymes of blue
We have you still in mind and heart
Because in memories we'll never part.

I miss you Danica :-(

Life? Yeah I know that thing.

Life is just a matter of choosing
It's up to you on what song you're gonna sing
Nobody has the power to control your life
It's you and your choice that leave you in strife

Nobody should tell you on what you gotta do
Work for yourself and make dreams come true
So if there's something you want, you have to go for it
But when things got tangled, just don't regret

Life isn't perfect, you should always remember
The proof is when you fall, you just have to do better
In life there are people who'll try to bring you down
You just have smile at them and never ever frown

Failures in life are lessons to be learned
They try to inspire and give you more strength
People you meet in every step of the way
Will either make you cry or complete a happy day

Life is definitely one heck of a journey
And it's you who'll choose on what loads to carry
Sometimes it's easy but oftenly it's tiring
Just never give up and make life worth living.