Thursday, August 12, 2010

Loss is something real. And the pain.

I was crying last night 'cause I'm missing you
Nobody knows how much it's true
The pictures keep on flashing back
But all I can do is stare in shock

Tomorrow seems so far away
Just as far as the sun sets down at bay
The whole world turns, don't know the end
The mourning strikes I've lost a friend

How come you've gone in just a flash
A precious life stolen by a crash
You left us hanging on the oblivious truth
You left this world where you set foot

It's really hard to say goodbye
'Cause all you've left were painted smiles
We would've built more memories
We would've chased more leaves at breeze

This is what I do when I'm missing you 
I write it down, make rhymes of blue
We have you still in mind and heart
Because in memories we'll never part.

I miss you Danica :-(

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