Thursday, October 21, 2010


God made a paradise for His people. He made sure that things are going perfect for us, because He indeed is a perfect God. But are we perfect people? No, we’re not, the reason why this place which was once a peaceful paradise is now a land of thieves, murderers, rapists, illegal loggers, corrupts, terrorists, cheaters, gamblers, drunkards, drug addicts and a kind of everything all rolled into one. How can this be happening?

To what my memory can still take me, I can clearly remember that these things I’ve just written are not included in God’s true, good and beautiful creation. We most probably are excellent actors to come up with such sort of personalities. Unfortunately, we are not stage actors, we are real-life human beings and that makes it horribly disappointing. My heart aches whenever I see children walking bare-footed and worse old people walking on the scorching pavements. I wonder how would it feel seeing my grandparents in the same situation, I guess I’ll shed tears. But my tears can’t give them shoes to wear. My sympathy alone can’t give people homes to end their cold, sleepless nights. My intrapersonal shouting of opinions can’t stop corrupt politicians from stealing on the nation’s money bank. I have to do something. I have to do a moving change. Not just through words but through my actions. It’s easy to say but how can someone like me make a change for a world so huge? I have to speak up. Start with myself and my small community. I have to stand up and make myself heard through writing and inspiring people to do the same. Doing something new everyday and showing people that there are a lot of wonderful things left undiscovered. We can speak out through anything; journals, school speeches, debates, plays, slogans, posters, etc. These are the least things we can do as young people. And when we’re grown-ups we can do greater things, maybe TV broadcasting, online preaching, just simply applying what we’ve learned from years of studying. 
 Stick to what is real—to what the world needs the most, because we’ve had enough of broken promises. That’s why Dalai Lama says “Be the change you long to see in the world” because no matter what you tell them to do they will always look at ‘where you are’ to guide them.