Saturday, December 31, 2011

TO THE READER (nonexistent)

The title of this blog is just so stupid.
And I'm pathetic.
No one's reading my blogs, anyway.

What's so interesting about my life, really?
My life is NO fun
I'm NO fun myself
Who would follow a NO fun blogger like me?
Oh gosh, life's hard.

This is one of those times when shrinking to the center of the Earth is the easiest.
Gravity's pulling me down.
UH NO- not gravity. that's my self-esteem.


Way To Start The End Of The World

I feel extremely bad today. I think I'm having a really bad day and this SUCKS because it's the first day of the year. This isn't a good way to start and not really the best topic to talk about but it just sucks and I can't help but get it off my nerves. 

Woke up (fine actually) with my cat biting off my remaining flesh away.
Got up and went straight to get my camera.
Went back to bed and viewed the photos taken the night before.
I got up again, now I went straight to the computer and uploaded the photos.
I heard my mother mumbling about new year and the house being dirty and us not keeping it clean.
It wasn't long though when I finished uploading the photos when my camera fell (HIGH) from on top of the lower bookshelf down the (HARD) floor--- broken. 
I was like-- oh my. I'm dead.

And then I heard mother yelling at me and lecturing about how it fell and why the heck did I put the cam there when I should have placed it on a surface a little nearer from the floor, she did repeat that for like a hundred times plus one.
I felt bad about it, at me being stupid and about my mother being mad.
I KNOW RIGHT, it's all my fault.
Sometimes, SHIT HAPPENS.

This isn't actually about the camera being broken or me being stupid.
This is about WORTH.
That cam is worth thousands of pesos. 
I felt bad, really. I was yelled at. I'm stupid.
Now, how much am I worth after that?
Maybe thousands less than that camera. That non-living camera that doesn't even know how to wash those dirty dishes. That non-living camera that doesn't even know what it feels like to be just a pathetic second rate trying hard, copycat.

Hello 2012.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Santa

        You know how much I love receiving gifts from you every Christmas even though I know very well that you’re just some big imaginary creature that parents use to push their children to be good or else Santa won’t have gifts for them. I’d have to confess that I did believe in you one Christmas when I stayed up the whole night expecting to see you climb down the roof and down the tall window of my grandmother’s house in the province. I saw no traces of you and then I fell asleep, but I did wake up with gifts on the foot of the bed and outside the window in the living room. Maybe you just didn’t make it, did you? Or is it because there was no chimney in Lola’s house?


Monday, October 31, 2011

She's Tryna Be Nice You See

Meet NoToothbrushSinceBirth

She's pretty much enjoyin lookin at the camera. She'd been doin that for almost 30 minutes already I guessed until I saw her and asked her to leave my seat or she'll drive my Facebook friends away. She's so cute though. Cute lil creature.

Friday, October 28, 2011

One of those Legends.

Filipinos are really great story tellers. (chismosas are included) Halos yata lahat ng prutas at gulay may pinanggalingan-- may Alamat. (Legend)

(Lets go back reminiscing)

I remember Kuya arriving from school, naghihimutok. Sabi nya napagalitan sya ng English professor nya.
They were having a fun discussion he joked something about "tortang talong" his professor got mad and asked him to show her a legend of this talong he was joking about or else he won't pass the class.
We surfed the internet for the legend since I really don't know anything about it when I am a big Filipino book reader. Unfortunately, we found none. we saw no traces of talong's legend except for this nasty story with a touch of green-mindedness.

And so I ended up writing one. Here it goes.


In a far away barrio there lived a handsome young man named Telong. Almost every woman in their barrio wanted to marry him because aside from being so good-looking, his family owned the biggest tobacco plantation. Everything would've been perfect if only Telong was not so aggressive. All the compliments he received went into his big head and started to look at himself as the "authority." He never listened to anyone else and whoever gets in the way will surely taste the fury of his rock-like fist. Telong became very good in handling their land. he believed that his aggressiveness contributed in his success. But his parents were getting old and they started to worry about their son's condition. They feared that the day would come and Telong will eventually regret every bad thing he has done, it wasn't long that they realized they weren't wrong after all.

Two weeks after the death of Telong's father, he was supervising the  plantation when he saw one of his field workers sitting under the shade of a big mango tree in the middle of a long working day. Telong got really mad and hurriedly approached him. The worker was startled as he felt Telong's fist buried his left sweaty cheek He cried aloud but the angry boss kicked him harder on the face. The same one he usually does to his other workers. Blood and purple marks were left on the poor worker and he cursed, "I WISH YOU CAN FEEL THE PAIN. I HOPE ONE DAY YOU'LL WAKE UP AND FEEL THE SAME WAY--THESE PURPLE MARKS ALL OVER YOUR FACE AND DRAINED FROM BLOOD." But Telong just laughed and yelled at him to go back to work and just walked away as if nothing happened.

The next morning, Telong was gone. Weeks passed but not one in the barrio ever heard of him. His mother mourned in desperation and tried to look for her son everywhere. The barrio people decided to make rounds and look for the missing Telong but he was nowhere to be found. Until one day, Telong's battered worker saw an unusual plant growing not so far from the tobacco field. It stood up from the ground with hairy leaves and bearing a fruit in deep purple. He then immediately informed Telong's mother and confessed everything that happened between him and her son weeks ago. Including how he unintentionally cursed him. The mother wept and said, "It was never your fault. I know it happened for a reason and that's a lesson he'll keep forever." Since then the plant which was believed to be Telong was later on called Talong.


I guess I have to give the credits to my brother's professor, if not for her, the Legend of Talong won't be put to life. 

Anyway you know what happened? 
His professor forgot about it.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What do I really mean?

Ngayon ko lang yata ulit naisip, ba't kaya Aira pangalan ko?

I remember when I was 5, I had this homework that asked where my parents got my name. I don't know why but I went to school with this homework undone so i just copied my seat mate's work saying "My name came from my Grandmother." (Eh, Teodora pangalan ng lola ko sa father's side, tapos Thelma naman sa mother's side, panong naging Aira? let's just say -ra from Teodara, okay so how about -ai. c'mon, buti na lang hindi tinanong ng teacher ko. yari pala ko.)  Wondered where mine's from. I went back home and asked mother why my name's my name and remember her answering me, "Kay Sharon Cuneta." And I was like, really? I didn't ask further though.

When I turned older I asked her again, "Mama san nga ulit galing pangalan ko?"

Still she answered "Kay Sharon Cuneta."

And I was like "Ba't kay Sharon, mama?"

Nagkwento sya.

Kasi daw, nasa "tyan" niya ko no'n, e lumabas sila ni Papa, get away. Nanood sine. (sa sine lang pala)


1993 Movie: Ngayon at Kailanman
Sharon Cuneta as Ayra Noche


o k a y

s i g g g g g h

LONELY WORLD WHY? of all people ba't si Sharon Cuneta pa.
Pero sige okay lang.
Okay na, kesa naman kay Diamond Star, worse kay Ate Guy.


RANDOM tonight.

There comes a time in your life when you'd totally feel like there's nothing much going on.. Like, you'd just sit down and start to think what exactly do you want to have and what you don't want. what do you want to do when time calls for you to do something worth your time. And then you start to look back on what life has been for you. Reflecting on those past memories that made you to be who you are. There are those memories that you wish to erase, and wishing that never happened anyway... Because heck, they don't really seem to do anything good to you and neither did they change anything better...


I feel really bad when things don't go right for me. call me selfish but I just hate it. Clearly because I'm a big control-freak. I want this this way and I want that that way. argh! 

I'm definitely having a bad night.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Makes My Day. Is When You're Okay.


A beautiful sunrise

A puppy or a kitten

Message from someone I care about


Hard-bound books

A smile from a stranger

Cold Milo

Taylor Swift

A good movie

Macaroni soup

True Friends


Colorful Cupcakes

American Idol

Scary story from Lolo

A walk in the forest with my cousins

Harry Potter

Holy Mass

AJ Perez




Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taylor. Taylor Swift.

Know these lines?

I am not the kind of girl.
Who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion
But you are not the kind of boy who should be marrying the wrong girl..

How bout these?

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you seeee
You belong with meee!

You do?
The We-All-Know-Every-Lyric-of-Her-Song Club Taylor!

Well, you probably didn't notice that I'm a big Taylor Swift fanatic.
But I won't go all messed up attending her Sold out concerts.
I would rather sit down, open YouTube and look up for her videos and go sing along, while my mother and my siblings are all annoyed listening to the monotone songs. 


T A Y L O R   S W I F

For these amazing photos, I give the credits to all the deviantartists. ( 

C H E E R S .

Someone like You

I found this poem from my Facebook notes. Posted last June 2010.
It's kind of cheesy. 
Just bear with me please. =P

I need someone who can watch fairy tales with me

Who won't mind my childishness and who'll just fantasize the same fantasies

Someone who can teach me how to ride a bike

And catch me when I fall from every unfinished flight.

I need somebody who'll understand that I'm poor in Mathematics

And won't mind that I do the same way in Physics

Somebody who can come with me to watch the stars so bright

And agree that what I see is the same star I saw last night.

Someone who can appreciate my simple love for books

And won't bother waking up with me in my ugly morning look

Someone who appreciates simple things the way that I do

Who'll bother to thank God for making the sky so blue

I need someone who'll listen when I feel like I want to talk

And who'll accompany me for a long windy day walk

Someone who'll just smile when I go out of tune

Someone who believes that there is cheese in the moon

Somebody who loves dogs just the way I love them

And who believes that silence has a hidden funny anthem

Somebody who'll offer time to read my compositions

And tell that all of them deserve a standing ovation.

Someone I can share with my unhealthy meals and snacks

And who'll honestly tell me that my joke sometimes just sucks

Someone who'll constantly remind me to pray before I sleep

Someone who'll just lie with me when I'm feeling very weak

Somebody who'll understand when my attitude has gone bad

Someone who'll crack jokes when I'm really getting sad

Someone who'll teach me a lesson when I do something wrong

And someone who I can sing with my favorite cheesy songs

Someone who'll find me fragrant during my stinkiest days

And someone who finds happiness in molding sticky clays

Someone who's brave enough to drive the spiders away from me

And who'll strongly prove that it's not scary under the sea

Someone who'll be proud to introduce me to the world

Someone who'll be there when God's time unfold

I will be waiting and walking halfway through

Hoping to see that someone, the same person I once knew.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ v

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

She loves to bite.

Meet Kat. 

Looks cute huh? 

HA-HA You're fooled! 
This cute little monster loves to bite. 
I'm telling you, beware. She has imprinted her sharp teeth and claws on me. 

It's fate that led her to me. That's why I love her but I didn't name her Fate because it's corny.
Ok, Katkat's cornier.
But cuter.

My mom and my sister went out for the market.
I was doing my homework (if my memory isn't failing me) when I heard my sister shouting from the outside like some annoying solicitor demanding to open the gate.

And there she was --- that cute little creature with dirty paws and starry eyes.
She's just so sweet. 

That's fate. And that's how I met Katkat-- the cat who loves biting and fried chicken.
She's pretty annoying sometimes.

But I still l o v e her.



Can you imagine how this world looked like even before man set foot on Earth? I can picture it out as a wonderland---a paradise of peaceful contentment. Trees are proudly standing and caressed by the gentle breeze. The animals wandering around freely without bothering if someone would appear carrying a hatchet. The land is bountiful, soil is free from poisonous chemicals, the sun setting down across the sea and completing the beautiful horizon.  But that was too long ago… The world has totally changed from simplicity to sophistication, from everything to nothing...There's really nothing wrong about progression and all that, but then humans have grown to be greedier than crocodiles, therefore badly affecting our relationship with our environment. So what I‘m trying to say is that we have to be aware of what’s really happening to the world. With the global warming, land conversions, dying forests, fish kills, unstoppable mining and all that, I think it’s about time that we realize the truth ---- It is our fault. We have no one to blame but ourselves. 

However, the problem that many people face is how to change not only their beliefs, but their entire life just by accepting these facts.  The truth is that humankind just takes whatever there is to be taken. Most of the time we take more than that we deserve.  We should take it as the idea of understanding the reality behind the loss of our world's natural reality.  Our life depends so much on our Mother Earth. We’re nothing without this place that we live in. And since there is nothing but one Earth, it is indeed our responsibility as intelligent people to take care of our resources and preserve it for the following generations. 

But on how I am seeing it today I can tell that the nature is surely at stake. Are we forgetting our responsibilities as human beings? Have we forgotten that the more we hurt the environment the more it gets back at us? We need to learn the truth about giving and taking. This means that when we cut down trees, we need to plant back seeds in return. When we plant seeds, we have to make sure that they grow to trees that can be used and be replaced by other people.

When will we ever learn? When will we all wake up from this chaotic nightmare. Earth to mankind!