Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Friendship and AWWL thaa shit :)

Our paths crossed one usual day
She looked at me and I said "Hey"
You look kinda new to me
I didn't know she's my friend to be

As seconds grew to hours, hours to days
Years flew fast from June to May
Our friendship bloomed until I knew
She's one great girl, we're one but two

We shared things right, though good or bad
She comes to me when I feel sad
She always knows what words to say
To brighten me up, to feel okay

I got to learn things 'cause she tells me so
Lessons of life that help me grow
She shows the very best in me
We laugh together, we're young, we're free

But then fate reared it's ugly head
We broke paths, the thing we dread
It's hard to say a little goodbye
But she hugged me tight that made me smile

It's really not as hard as I thought it would be
'Cause we learn more and she'll always have me
I live, I yearn, I laugh, I cry
We dream together and we soar up high

In life you'll meet a mob of friends
A bunch of angels God, Himself sends
But soon you'll find 'someone' that stands out from the pack
The one you call your best friend and never turns her back

I'm lucky to live and tell you the story
The story of our friendship that differs from many
We may be apart but we're close in heart
She's my great ol' sister, I can tell it from the start.


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