Tuesday, August 30, 2011


           Every time I hear the word “sloth”, an image of a funny-looking animal hanging on a tree branch comes right up. Sid from Ice Age comes next. But as I get down thinking of it as I write this down I come to realize that it isn’t a funny thing at all. It’s pretty disturbing, actually. It is disturbing in a way that I am guilty of such act. And to think of the fact that it is a deadly sin sends shivers to my bones.

            According to Saint Thomas Aquinas, Sloth is "sluggishness of the mind which neglects to begin good, it is evil in its effect, if it so oppresses man as to draw him away entirely from good deeds." I remember when I was younger, I thought of my teachers as people worse that my parents, they make me do things that I don’t like doing. But still, I did all those with little hesitations. I got good grades, and honors gave me enthusiasm. I got used to it, but then times came when things in school began to upset me. I learned to hate school and got stuck with just going with the flow. I got contented with just “okay” works because the heck, no one cares if I don’t do better anyway. But I was wrong because my family’s there to care and so as my friends. And now that I am older, laziness knocks at my door all the time. When I have to study for tomorrow’s exam, I hear knocks. When I have to finish a paper due the other day, again it knocks. When I have to go to the Sunday mass, still it knocks. Most of the time I let it in, thinking that time won’t fail me, that tomorrow’s another day and besides another Sunday will come. God can wait.

            I know it’s wrong to make God wait. I’m taking too much advantage of Him just because I know that He will always be there to forgive. But what If God gets tired of me? What if one day, God will tell me, “All your life, I’ve been with you. In your 18 years of existence, I blessed you with all the things that you needed and all those that you wished me to. But during the times when I needed you, you never even lent a single ear to me. Do you want me to get lazy of you too?”
            But if you think of it, there’s really nothing to be lazy about. The world is full of uncharted places. The place provided for us is too mysterious to get tired of. Everyday is a random opportunity to learn and meet new people. With this, I always make sure to keep my fingers moving ---- doing something productive. I always keep a list of the things that I have to do for the whole week and won’t let myself sleep without crossing out at least one or two. In this way, I get to organize my thoughts, my priorities and then my life. But it isn’t enough that I get to fight laziness; I also make sure that I reward myself with the things that make me happy so I would not stress out.

            God knows how much I love Him. And I know He does the same way. I am never a perfect person but He indeed is a perfect God. Certain situations may come and trigger my lazy side from time to time. But now I have one, special armor, my newly-installed point of view; that God might be patient until the end of time, but I could only live once, so I would never, ever, make Him wait again. God is good, all the time!

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