Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ART? Yes, Art.

I think I should start by saying, "Imagine, just for a minute, a world without art." Some might say, "so what?" others may say, thats totally absurd." But if you have to ask me, I can't see a world without art. I see a world of complete boredom and ultimate pile up.

I'd get up in the morning and smell dullness ahead of me. Get in my clothes that seem out of fashion of maybe far beyond the word "fashion" (just because no one really knows what fashion is all about and no one just cares enough to know) Get down to the kitchen for breakfast and see how oddly arranged the stuffs are on the table. I'd lose appetite and decide to go to school. I'd be walking my way to school since school buses are not yet made into existence for a reason that car makers just get contented with just plain vehicles. Teachers seem to just talk all day through making no sense at all because they haven't got any idea how to teach with "art" and so I'd go home learning up to the smallest limit.

What I really wanna say is that ART, plays a huge role in making our lives infinitely rich and exciting. Art doesn't limit us from anything, instead it gives us numerous chances to express ourselves in different ways and different perspectives. 

Almost everything that we see is a product of artistic intelligence, from pencils to skyscrapers, from a doodle drawing to high-class paintings. A true piece of art lets us forget our emotional baggage, our weariness from life's journey and lets us pry ourselves from the commonalities of everyday lives.

With ART, I can wake up in the morning and not smell dullness. I could just let my senses interpret the world for me and realize how beautifully God has made the universe.

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