Friday, October 28, 2011

One of those Legends.

Filipinos are really great story tellers. (chismosas are included) Halos yata lahat ng prutas at gulay may pinanggalingan-- may Alamat. (Legend)

(Lets go back reminiscing)

I remember Kuya arriving from school, naghihimutok. Sabi nya napagalitan sya ng English professor nya.
They were having a fun discussion he joked something about "tortang talong" his professor got mad and asked him to show her a legend of this talong he was joking about or else he won't pass the class.
We surfed the internet for the legend since I really don't know anything about it when I am a big Filipino book reader. Unfortunately, we found none. we saw no traces of talong's legend except for this nasty story with a touch of green-mindedness.

And so I ended up writing one. Here it goes.


In a far away barrio there lived a handsome young man named Telong. Almost every woman in their barrio wanted to marry him because aside from being so good-looking, his family owned the biggest tobacco plantation. Everything would've been perfect if only Telong was not so aggressive. All the compliments he received went into his big head and started to look at himself as the "authority." He never listened to anyone else and whoever gets in the way will surely taste the fury of his rock-like fist. Telong became very good in handling their land. he believed that his aggressiveness contributed in his success. But his parents were getting old and they started to worry about their son's condition. They feared that the day would come and Telong will eventually regret every bad thing he has done, it wasn't long that they realized they weren't wrong after all.

Two weeks after the death of Telong's father, he was supervising the  plantation when he saw one of his field workers sitting under the shade of a big mango tree in the middle of a long working day. Telong got really mad and hurriedly approached him. The worker was startled as he felt Telong's fist buried his left sweaty cheek He cried aloud but the angry boss kicked him harder on the face. The same one he usually does to his other workers. Blood and purple marks were left on the poor worker and he cursed, "I WISH YOU CAN FEEL THE PAIN. I HOPE ONE DAY YOU'LL WAKE UP AND FEEL THE SAME WAY--THESE PURPLE MARKS ALL OVER YOUR FACE AND DRAINED FROM BLOOD." But Telong just laughed and yelled at him to go back to work and just walked away as if nothing happened.

The next morning, Telong was gone. Weeks passed but not one in the barrio ever heard of him. His mother mourned in desperation and tried to look for her son everywhere. The barrio people decided to make rounds and look for the missing Telong but he was nowhere to be found. Until one day, Telong's battered worker saw an unusual plant growing not so far from the tobacco field. It stood up from the ground with hairy leaves and bearing a fruit in deep purple. He then immediately informed Telong's mother and confessed everything that happened between him and her son weeks ago. Including how he unintentionally cursed him. The mother wept and said, "It was never your fault. I know it happened for a reason and that's a lesson he'll keep forever." Since then the plant which was believed to be Telong was later on called Talong.


I guess I have to give the credits to my brother's professor, if not for her, the Legend of Talong won't be put to life. 

Anyway you know what happened? 
His professor forgot about it.


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