Wednesday, October 19, 2011

She loves to bite.

Meet Kat. 

Looks cute huh? 

HA-HA You're fooled! 
This cute little monster loves to bite. 
I'm telling you, beware. She has imprinted her sharp teeth and claws on me. 

It's fate that led her to me. That's why I love her but I didn't name her Fate because it's corny.
Ok, Katkat's cornier.
But cuter.

My mom and my sister went out for the market.
I was doing my homework (if my memory isn't failing me) when I heard my sister shouting from the outside like some annoying solicitor demanding to open the gate.

And there she was --- that cute little creature with dirty paws and starry eyes.
She's just so sweet. 

That's fate. And that's how I met Katkat-- the cat who loves biting and fried chicken.
She's pretty annoying sometimes.

But I still l o v e her.


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