Thursday, October 20, 2011

Someone like You

I found this poem from my Facebook notes. Posted last June 2010.
It's kind of cheesy. 
Just bear with me please. =P

I need someone who can watch fairy tales with me

Who won't mind my childishness and who'll just fantasize the same fantasies

Someone who can teach me how to ride a bike

And catch me when I fall from every unfinished flight.

I need somebody who'll understand that I'm poor in Mathematics

And won't mind that I do the same way in Physics

Somebody who can come with me to watch the stars so bright

And agree that what I see is the same star I saw last night.

Someone who can appreciate my simple love for books

And won't bother waking up with me in my ugly morning look

Someone who appreciates simple things the way that I do

Who'll bother to thank God for making the sky so blue

I need someone who'll listen when I feel like I want to talk

And who'll accompany me for a long windy day walk

Someone who'll just smile when I go out of tune

Someone who believes that there is cheese in the moon

Somebody who loves dogs just the way I love them

And who believes that silence has a hidden funny anthem

Somebody who'll offer time to read my compositions

And tell that all of them deserve a standing ovation.

Someone I can share with my unhealthy meals and snacks

And who'll honestly tell me that my joke sometimes just sucks

Someone who'll constantly remind me to pray before I sleep

Someone who'll just lie with me when I'm feeling very weak

Somebody who'll understand when my attitude has gone bad

Someone who'll crack jokes when I'm really getting sad

Someone who'll teach me a lesson when I do something wrong

And someone who I can sing with my favorite cheesy songs

Someone who'll find me fragrant during my stinkiest days

And someone who finds happiness in molding sticky clays

Someone who's brave enough to drive the spiders away from me

And who'll strongly prove that it's not scary under the sea

Someone who'll be proud to introduce me to the world

Someone who'll be there when God's time unfold

I will be waiting and walking halfway through

Hoping to see that someone, the same person I once knew.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ v

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