Saturday, September 17, 2011

Museo De La Salle

 Art is always a part of me. Never have I thought of living in merely blues and grays. Life with art is something “special” --- it pushes me to be someone I already am and to be somebody better than I have become. I’ve been to places that make up all the memories I have in mind. There is so much in life that I have to see and a step into the past is something that I don’t get to experience everyday. 

I never really had much trip to museums, since I see the world as a massive museum itself. My trip to Museo Dela Salle was different. It was nostalgic. The moment I stepped inside, the smell of old stuffs inside the room welcomed me. It’s really not like the disgusting kind of smell; it was a special smell that made me thought of big wood churches and old castles. I was really giddy to walk upstairs but we were led into a room with dressed mannequins that almost freaked me out because they look so real to me. The mirror located at the right-center part of the room caught my attention, it was magical and old and creepy. I tried looking at my reflection though I appeared blurry and old as well. But I still felt like a Maria Clara dressed in blue jeans. 

The stuffs upstairs are amazing especially the beds and the detailed chairs and tables. I wonder how it feels like lying on such lovely bed. Everything looks perfect and real. It was like stepping into a time machine and going back to Rizal’s time. It was like living the memory of Maria Clara. What interested me most is the simple yet complicated life of the Filipinos who lived in the past. I mean simple, in a way that you wouldn’t need computers to perk yourself up in the morning. Or big TVs to do the imagining for you because with such big windows, it would be just like sitting down and looking at the gentle birds to drop by your window. And complicated in such ways that you need to wear a long dress everyday and show great formality wherever you go. And that you need extreme patience to get done ironing your clothes. Or even take a bath without chances of falling down the deep well. 
Life today is far different from yesterday---way far. It’s actually a little funny to think that boys then were awed by just seeing women’s feet. Unlike these days, girls could just wear anything they like and when I say anything, I really mean ANYTHING.
It’s true, the only constant thing in life is “change.” There’s just one thing that I wish would never change--- I wish that our love for our own culture would continue to linger forever because we Filipinos should be proud for having an extremely rich culture--- a beautiful reminder that we are not just living today, we’ve been living yesterday and hopefully for the next centuries to come...