Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taylor. Taylor Swift.

Know these lines?

I am not the kind of girl.
Who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion
But you are not the kind of boy who should be marrying the wrong girl..

How bout these?

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you seeee
You belong with meee!

You do?
The We-All-Know-Every-Lyric-of-Her-Song Club Taylor!

Well, you probably didn't notice that I'm a big Taylor Swift fanatic.
But I won't go all messed up attending her Sold out concerts.
I would rather sit down, open YouTube and look up for her videos and go sing along, while my mother and my siblings are all annoyed listening to the monotone songs. 


T A Y L O R   S W I F

For these amazing photos, I give the credits to all the deviantartists. ( 

C H E E R S .

Someone like You

I found this poem from my Facebook notes. Posted last June 2010.
It's kind of cheesy. 
Just bear with me please. =P

I need someone who can watch fairy tales with me

Who won't mind my childishness and who'll just fantasize the same fantasies

Someone who can teach me how to ride a bike

And catch me when I fall from every unfinished flight.

I need somebody who'll understand that I'm poor in Mathematics

And won't mind that I do the same way in Physics

Somebody who can come with me to watch the stars so bright

And agree that what I see is the same star I saw last night.

Someone who can appreciate my simple love for books

And won't bother waking up with me in my ugly morning look

Someone who appreciates simple things the way that I do

Who'll bother to thank God for making the sky so blue

I need someone who'll listen when I feel like I want to talk

And who'll accompany me for a long windy day walk

Someone who'll just smile when I go out of tune

Someone who believes that there is cheese in the moon

Somebody who loves dogs just the way I love them

And who believes that silence has a hidden funny anthem

Somebody who'll offer time to read my compositions

And tell that all of them deserve a standing ovation.

Someone I can share with my unhealthy meals and snacks

And who'll honestly tell me that my joke sometimes just sucks

Someone who'll constantly remind me to pray before I sleep

Someone who'll just lie with me when I'm feeling very weak

Somebody who'll understand when my attitude has gone bad

Someone who'll crack jokes when I'm really getting sad

Someone who'll teach me a lesson when I do something wrong

And someone who I can sing with my favorite cheesy songs

Someone who'll find me fragrant during my stinkiest days

And someone who finds happiness in molding sticky clays

Someone who's brave enough to drive the spiders away from me

And who'll strongly prove that it's not scary under the sea

Someone who'll be proud to introduce me to the world

Someone who'll be there when God's time unfold

I will be waiting and walking halfway through

Hoping to see that someone, the same person I once knew.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ v

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

She loves to bite.

Meet Kat. 

Looks cute huh? 

HA-HA You're fooled! 
This cute little monster loves to bite. 
I'm telling you, beware. She has imprinted her sharp teeth and claws on me. 

It's fate that led her to me. That's why I love her but I didn't name her Fate because it's corny.
Ok, Katkat's cornier.
But cuter.

My mom and my sister went out for the market.
I was doing my homework (if my memory isn't failing me) when I heard my sister shouting from the outside like some annoying solicitor demanding to open the gate.

And there she was --- that cute little creature with dirty paws and starry eyes.
She's just so sweet. 

That's fate. And that's how I met Katkat-- the cat who loves biting and fried chicken.
She's pretty annoying sometimes.

But I still l o v e her.



Can you imagine how this world looked like even before man set foot on Earth? I can picture it out as a wonderland---a paradise of peaceful contentment. Trees are proudly standing and caressed by the gentle breeze. The animals wandering around freely without bothering if someone would appear carrying a hatchet. The land is bountiful, soil is free from poisonous chemicals, the sun setting down across the sea and completing the beautiful horizon.  But that was too long ago… The world has totally changed from simplicity to sophistication, from everything to nothing...There's really nothing wrong about progression and all that, but then humans have grown to be greedier than crocodiles, therefore badly affecting our relationship with our environment. So what I‘m trying to say is that we have to be aware of what’s really happening to the world. With the global warming, land conversions, dying forests, fish kills, unstoppable mining and all that, I think it’s about time that we realize the truth ---- It is our fault. We have no one to blame but ourselves. 

However, the problem that many people face is how to change not only their beliefs, but their entire life just by accepting these facts.  The truth is that humankind just takes whatever there is to be taken. Most of the time we take more than that we deserve.  We should take it as the idea of understanding the reality behind the loss of our world's natural reality.  Our life depends so much on our Mother Earth. We’re nothing without this place that we live in. And since there is nothing but one Earth, it is indeed our responsibility as intelligent people to take care of our resources and preserve it for the following generations. 

But on how I am seeing it today I can tell that the nature is surely at stake. Are we forgetting our responsibilities as human beings? Have we forgotten that the more we hurt the environment the more it gets back at us? We need to learn the truth about giving and taking. This means that when we cut down trees, we need to plant back seeds in return. When we plant seeds, we have to make sure that they grow to trees that can be used and be replaced by other people.

When will we ever learn? When will we all wake up from this chaotic nightmare. Earth to mankind!

ART? Yes, Art.

I think I should start by saying, "Imagine, just for a minute, a world without art." Some might say, "so what?" others may say, thats totally absurd." But if you have to ask me, I can't see a world without art. I see a world of complete boredom and ultimate pile up.

I'd get up in the morning and smell dullness ahead of me. Get in my clothes that seem out of fashion of maybe far beyond the word "fashion" (just because no one really knows what fashion is all about and no one just cares enough to know) Get down to the kitchen for breakfast and see how oddly arranged the stuffs are on the table. I'd lose appetite and decide to go to school. I'd be walking my way to school since school buses are not yet made into existence for a reason that car makers just get contented with just plain vehicles. Teachers seem to just talk all day through making no sense at all because they haven't got any idea how to teach with "art" and so I'd go home learning up to the smallest limit.

What I really wanna say is that ART, plays a huge role in making our lives infinitely rich and exciting. Art doesn't limit us from anything, instead it gives us numerous chances to express ourselves in different ways and different perspectives. 

Almost everything that we see is a product of artistic intelligence, from pencils to skyscrapers, from a doodle drawing to high-class paintings. A true piece of art lets us forget our emotional baggage, our weariness from life's journey and lets us pry ourselves from the commonalities of everyday lives.

With ART, I can wake up in the morning and not smell dullness. I could just let my senses interpret the world for me and realize how beautifully God has made the universe.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Not that much.


You know you always try hard--really hard. But sometimes, they just expect so much to the point that they'll hurt you by saying things that you don't like to hear. Like you're just some shit who don't care about life and what other people think about. It hurts. why? Cause you know you do. 

They just don't find time to listen. 

And you just don't fell they care that much.