Wednesday, May 16, 2012

If Lolo Could Take Me Back

        I adore how my grandparents still use those bean-stuffed pillows when they are provided cottons. Lolo listens to the radio more often than watch paid cable TV. They would rather use the same old electric fan than air conditioner. Funny how they've become dinosaurs but adorable contentment they have with such simple living. 

You know... I think I'd rather bring back the days when the whole afternoon would be devoted for reading books and playing on the fields until the sun goes back down than be wasted in front of a box with moving pictures. Sometimes, I have this feeling that we all have forgotten who we really are. This unconsciousness is getting much worse

. I could not blame anyone though. I'd be a hypocrite if I'd say that technology isn't cool, because it is. I couldn't count the times I stayed up late unknowingly while I'm trying to get done with an awful research due the next day. I feel helpless without it. It has become a need, much worse, an addiction.

"Pity this generation." My Lolo would say. 

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  1. How I wish we can go back to those good old days :)