Wednesday, June 27, 2012

William Sonnet

Oh William. William Shakespeare... Sometimes I just don't get what you're saying in your sonnets. But you know, some of them just hit me like "Hey, I don't know what you're saying but yeah, you're right." 

Can you wake up for a short while and come read this one for me? I would love to know what you have to say. But please, shave. You'd scare me to death with that thing. No, Just kidding. 

Sonnet 2: Rebel Hearts
 by: Pink Corncats
Along the shores of ever lawful waves
Thy heart remains distressed
With wandering eyes, like slaves
No measured thoughts, but love professed
Rebel hearts don't think; don't stop
Nor pause for what wise tongues say
For love might rush and fast it hops
Or gone for a rainy day
But hearts go weak; it rusts
While water free and flows
it breaks thy heart and mind has lust
Might there no love to sow
Rebel hearts don't think; don't listen
Wise tongues say; fake love, it weakens

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