Monday, May 28, 2012

Life, Dreaming: Friendships

I'm used to sharing so many different things primarily because I've been living with 4 more people at home and I SHOULD NOT live without having to share with them what I have. Though this isn't something that I hate doing, but you know, once in a while you just want some things all to yourself. Or is it just me?

In the contrary, friendship, like life, is something that you can't have without sharing. It is a mutual bond between two or more people, animals, plants or sometimes even things. It's ought to be shared and here is how it goes for me:

A dream is a wish that you whisper alone
A good life, a car, or a home beautiful home
A journey is an adventure you walk everyday
Knowing all's easy, contentment in just grey

But dreams can be wild like hyenas on a rush
A journey can be tricky with forests full of mush
You'll probably need someone to share them all with
Maybe a friend, yes a true friend indeed

A friend who knows that dreams can be real
And thinks that mush is there for some thrill
Someone who laughs when things don't go right
But horns are ready for some cool bullfight

There is nothing more real than dreaming with a friend
Nothing like a journey with a companion 'til the end
Life is a melody, when sung it blooms
Resonating clearly in a hundred more rooms.

Enjoy the rest of the day! :)